Specializes in the research of pine nuts , and the precious SPN extract which is known to combat various cancers, viruses, and other infections. The pine nuts’ “pinolenic acid” is also a byproduct which can aid the skin by relieving inflammation, atopic dermatitis, and other allergic reactions.

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I’d like to express our sympathies to those who’s lives were
affected by the catastrophic earthquake which occurred
on March 11th 2011.

As a native of Hiroshima, I myself, have witnessed graphic images from the charred remains of my city at the Atomic Bomb Museum since my childhood. My heart aches to see pictures of the damage caused by this disaster just like the painful memories of Hiroshima.

On August 6th 1945, the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and resulted in approximately 140,000 casualties.

The entire cityscape had been completely obliterated. It took more than 10 years before any foliage began to spawn again and houses were rebuilt. That was 66 years before the year 2011.

How many people still refuse to purchase Hiroshima’s agricultural and aquatic products?

Although my parents were subject to the bombing, thankfully my siblings and I, as well as our grandchildren, are living without any physical defects.

When society recovers from earthquakes, tsunamis, radioactivity, and extinguishing the rumors which follow, it is necessary to garner the support of the population during these difficult times.

However challenging, we will surely triumph.

Although our company may not be able to solve all these problems ourselves at the moment, we are considering offering our support for any efforts regarding reconstruction.

I wish to help one another, have hope for a better future, and “live” happily.

Masaaki Yoshihara

What is tho source of this vitality?

In ancient history, the pine has been valued for its white nuts in the pine cone which were eaten to sustain life during an agricultural drought.

Pine is a plant which possesses a vital life-force which allows it to grow even in the midst of severe conditions such as tundras or other wastelands. This plant has been proudly celebrated and honored by people around the whole world.

I have been researching this pine for more than 40 years, yet I am still excited about the magnificent power and beauty in nature every day.

Originally, we began to consume the pine nut’s raw material as a snack. However, we since have discovered the existence of the power inside the seed which has the potential to save lives.

We are constantly researching new ways and methods to harness the secrets hidden from within this plant. There are signs of alternate energy sources within the pine as well which we value as “Pine Energy”.

We wish you happiness.

Live Healthily / Live Abundantly / Live Happily

To bring happiness to people through the pine seed extract, enzyme, and so on.
To support the general well-being and health of people all around the world.

Our vision is for a happier world to live in.