Specializes in the research of pine nuts , and the precious SPN extract which is known to combat various cancers, viruses, and other infections. The pine nuts’ “pinolenic acid” is also a byproduct which can aid the skin by relieving inflammation, atopic dermatitis, and other allergic reactions.


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International and the domestic patent acquisition

This revolutionary substance that is extracted from the Pine nut and nut shell is gathering attention from around the world.
The method we use to extract, and the way we use our ingredients has received not only domestic patents, but overseas as well.

The method for the extraction and usage of the anti-infective substance <International and domestic patent>

Japan, USA, Germany, France, China, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Italy, Holland, Korea

Anti AIDS virus and anti cancer agents <International and domestic patent>

Japan, Australia, USA, Germany

The pine nut extract is not considered a medicine, but a natural supplement. However, it has received patents for being an anti-infective agent, anti-virus agent and even anti-AIDS.

Research Development


1973: Pine nut processing apparatus, Patent 147262 acquired
1983: Nut shell separating apparatus, Patent 10393 acquired
1983: Acquired patents in USA and China at the same time.
1987: Acquired the method of extraction for anti-infective agent international patent for 15 countries
1987: Method to prevent diseases via polysaccharide extract from fruit seeds
1987: Acquired US Presidential Directive patent
1996: Anti-infective agent, Patent 2522674 acquired
1997: Food supplements by using pine nut oil, Patent 2655154 acquired
1998: Anti AIDS virus agent, Patent 2782443 acquired
1999: Infective agent and method to produce, Patent 2875397 acquired
2001: Adsorbent/deodorant and adhesion mat, Patent 3150867 acquired
2002: Anti virus agent and method to produce it, Patent 3290834 acquired
To be continued… (Many other patents pending)

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