Specializes in the research of pine nuts , and the precious SPN extract which is known to combat various cancers, viruses, and other infections. The pine nuts’ “pinolenic acid” is also a byproduct which can aid the skin by relieving inflammation, atopic dermatitis, and other allergic reactions.

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Improving vital energy and immune system to combat diseases.

Immunity results from the “extractives of Pine seed”

The active ingredient inside the extract is the Pine seed, also famously linked to the Bonsai. It is a resourceful plant that grows in the wild even amidst severely cold conditions or in extremely high altitudes found in Mongolia, Russia, China, and Korea. Seeds begin at 1cm length and grow to 20 or 30cm and develop pinecones within 15 years. One large pinecone that is 20 to 30cm in length will contain approximately 150 seeds.海松子.jpg

In the ancient Chinese “Compendium of Materia Medica”, the pine nut is introduced as “an herbal medicine used to sustaining long life by the use of analeptics to remove arthralgia, growing hairs, and strengthening the human anatomy.”

World’s First Active ingredient was found in the Pine seed!

NIPPON SUNSHOW MEDICINE MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD imports fresh seeds recently acquired, and processed in Japan. Seeds of pine are then separated from dense shells into white nuts, and then the essence from the shells is extracted along with the oil of each nut.set02.jpg

Through our research, we discovered a peculiar fatty acid that can be found in only pine nuts, and because it has a similar structure with linolenic acid we named it as “P-linolenic acid” by taking Pine’s first letter. Since then, as it was called Pinolenic Acid for short among researchers at that time, the name Pinelenic Acid has been used since then.
This pinolenic acid is effective in controlling inflammation and itches, reducing hunger, activating skin cells, and lowering cholesterol levels.

SPN, the essence to be extracted from seed shells, is the proprietary active ingredient exclusively belonging to our company. We have received the domestic and international patent in 16 nations after debuting our research regarding white blood cell activation as well as anti virus, and anti tumor agents.

After more than 40 years of our dedication and research, SPN essence from the seed shell of Pine is the first successful development in the world, and is confirmed by various documentation and follow-up studies conducted by medical universities and research institutions world wide.

The pine seed extract is a natural byproduct of nature. It is not medicine, yet it is known as an anti-infection agent, anti AIDS virus, and it has been recognized globally by receiving the international patent, as well as domestic.


Effects of pine seed oil

Lowering cholesterol / Professor Michihiro Sugano, Kyusyu University

The action of lowering density in cholesterol and adjusting excess cholesterol in the bloodstream can be witnessed in the breeding of test rats in which hypertension naturally occurred.

Controlling the elevation of blood pressure / Professor Michihiro Sugano, Kyusyu University

By breeding test rats which had naturally occurring high blood pressure, the elevation of blood pressure was completely controlled until the end. This demonstrates the effectiveness of SPN in the prevention of high blood pressure.

Lowering excess fat in the liver / Professor Michihiro Sugano, Kyusyu University

By breeding test rats with fatty livers, various fatty acids that were consumed during the fractionation of hepatocytes, triglycerides, and phospholipids were lowered. As a result of these tests, the various fatty acids in the liver were lowered as anticipated.

Anti aging action / Professor Hiroshi Sakagami, Showa University

An increase of 64% proliferation compared to a normal human cell. This is expected to increase life span and longevity in humans as well as anti-aging.(Normal human unborn child pulmonary diploid fiber blast cell UT 20 LU propagation method)

Atopic dermatitis control / Hiroshima University professor emeritus, Mitsu Kayama

The atopic dermatitis, which is triggered by the overreaction of immunoglobulin E and another hormone-like substance called arachidonic acid, can be transformed by linolenic acid. This product competes with ω-6 fatty acid and gamma linolenic acid to prevent the formation of a pathogen.

Controlling allergic reactions / Hiroshima University professor emeritus, Mitsu Kamaya

The method of controlling similar allergic reactions can also be seen demonstrated in the example above.

Structure and visissitude of Pinolenic Acid / Professor Tamotru Tanaka, Fukuyama University

Ingredient of pine nut lipid / Minoru Saito corporate advisor, Japan Food Research Laboratories

Pine Nut Oil Conference Presentation

growth stimulation effect of the normal cells

   Showa University / Professor Hiroshi Sakagami

29th Oil Chemist Debate . Oil Chemist Research Presentation
“Special qualities of pine nut oil”

   Japan Food Research Laboratories . Hiroshima University / Professor Kayama

46th Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science
“physiology of a new type of polyunsaturated fatty acid”

   Kyusyu University / Professor Michihiro Sugano and others

47th Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science

“Effecting the vicissitude of the test rat’s fatty liver acid with the polyunsaturated fatty acid in the pine nut”

   Kyusyu University / Professor Michihiro Sugano and others

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Book Title: 生命力・免疫力を高める「松の種子」健康法



  • Amazing discovery! What is SPN, pine seed shell extract?
  • Can human beings beat cancer and AIDS?
  • There is gleaming hope for conquering atopic dermatitis.
  • A new paradigm shift! If it does not exist, then we can make it!
  • Will we see the day when SPN eliminates AIDS?

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Book Title: 生命力・免疫力を高める「松の種子」健康法
Author: Masazumi Yoshihara
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A report on the vast search for pine nuts

In regards to trade with China, there has been a strong movement to work for a risk diversification in recent years. Our company has also been inspecting production areas in Mongolia and Korea in order to control the general supply of pine nuts except for those in China.

Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Pine nuts are a common food for Mongolians as it is sold on the street, and pine forests can be seen spreading over the mountain ranges of North Mongolia.
These pine nuts can be picked freely except in areas that the nation has designated as reserves to prevent overhunting which is opposed to Mongolian values and conservation of nature. Our company is planning to receive the collecting permission for more than 1700 hectares of pine-forests from the government in Mongolia.


Gapyeong, Korea

Gapyeong, known as a summer resort of Korea, is the most productive area of pine nuts and is located only 2 hours from Seoul via automotive transport. Pine nuts here are naturally large, and the shells are just as hard as the Chinese variety.
It was an amazing story, and we felt a curious turn of fate when we heard that the pine forest would expand into this area of Japan 80 years ago. Now, it is used to manufacture Korean luxury consumables. We also observed the construction of a factory to produce makgeolli, which is a popular beverage served in Japan and is now being made with pine nuts. As summer turns to fall, we will be able to experience the fruits of this harvest on our next tour.


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